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"I didn't realize that when my son started at Hudson Children's Center that eventually I would come to feel like he was spending his day's at a family member's house. He was just a year-and-a-half old when he first entered the school and he continued through second grade where he would attend the afterschool program. HCC was first and last children's preschool program that I have used and I credit the staff with heling me to raise my son into the wonderful boy he is today. I thank the entire staff at Hudson Children's Center from the bottom of my heart!"

"As a parent, finding a daycare is always difficult decision. Above all, you want your child to be loved and secure, but as the child gets older, you want a program that will challange their intellect as well. The Hudson Children's Center is all that and more. Our oldest child started in theor preschool program is 2005. SInce then, both of our kids have experienced all that HCC has to offer- field trips, music, art, and gym classes, summer camp, and swim lessons. Our kids has grown-up so much in their time there. The teachers do a great job communicating with the parents about class activities, so we know what they do every day. Since we cannot be home with our children, we think HCC is the next best thing!"
- G&S M

"Children are one third of our population and all of our future.* This could be the philosophy of Hudson Children's Center. Our daughter thrives here. She has friends who are 15 months old, 5 years old, 18 years old and 21+ years young. We beleive that the only place we would rather he be, is at home with us. *Select Panel for the Promotion of Child Health to the United States Congress and the Secretery of Health and Human Services, 1981."
- K's Dad

"Our family attended Hudson Children’s Center for 6 years. What first attracted us to HCC was the genuine warmth of the staff. Our daughters always looked forward to going to HCC each day and it was often difficult to get them leave at the end of the day. We developed real relationships with the staff and were always confident that our daughters were in the best of care. Our daughters always had wonderful stories to tell of their experiences and the lessons taught throughout each day. The staff fostered and nurtured our daughter’s interest and encouraged them to investigate and pursue their little heart’s desires. I cannot say enough about Hudson Children’s Center. The love, care and friendship they extended to our family will always remain with us. Our daughters still enjoy stopping by for visits and we are always welcomed with open arms.
We love you Hudson Children’s Center."

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